28 June 2011

№ 58 // Striped 1 Piece dress

Comes with pockets!

Rubber/smocked waisted at the back!

This casual striped dress with it's skirt cut right at the waist gives a good structural cut to the body. With it's deep V collar & straight cut high waisted skirt made by thick fabric. Smocked waist at the back, hence it is EASY to wear (and nicely fitted too!)!

  • Pre Loved
  • Smocked waist
  • Status : Available
  • RM 35

26 June 2011

№ 57 // Mesh Leopard Top

Stretchable all around mesh + leopard printed rubber/cotton fabric fits comfortably & hugging your curves. The mesh at the collar gives an ooh-lala to look at ;) Pretty great combination!

  • Brand New
  • Status : Available
  • RM 25

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21 June 2011

№ 56 // Toga Black Velvet Dress

Sequin detail on the neckline.

Velvet + Toga + Black + Sequin = <3
Stretchy velvet that hugs your body in yet this dress has extra fabric at the side giving it some volume & great folding of velvet texture. It's one shoulder and tight at the thighs, really love how it hugs your body at the right places!

  • Pre Loved
  • Status : SOLD
  • RM 38

19 June 2011


Hello Xisters lovers!

Xisters will be leaving to Australia for a holiday (YAY!) from 20th - 30th June 2011. While we're away, our blog WILL STILL be updated through out the 10 days (YAY!)!

But due to us being away from our stocks & post offices, we can't post nor do COD at the mean time within the 10 days. BUT, emails, twitter & facebooks will be entertained -- which means, we will still take orders & reservations! (YAY!)

So do not hesitate to email us or drop a comment on our blogposts/FB/Twitter. We will post the item to you THE MOMENT we land our feet in this tropical country (30th June).


№ 55 // Black & Gold highwaister

Zipper at the back

Great sparkly fabric!

A groovy blinging high waisted skirt for the night cats! This GORGEOUS fabric is absolutely stunning from a far. A little bit stretchy to be easy to move around with and also comes with a back zipper! We love bodycons, don't we?

  • Pre Loved
  • Status : SOLD
  • Rm 35

18 June 2011

№ 54 // Cocktail Ruffled dress

Shimmery black fabric! (click to enlarge)

Everyone needs that little black dress in their closet! This ruffled cotton dress with it's glittery shimmer fabric owns it! It's chic & cute at the same time! Match it with a long sleeve, or go bold with it! (honestly, I absolutely LOVE this dress....like mad)

  • Pre Loved
  • Status : SOLD
  • RM 35

17 June 2011

№ 53 // Pleated Bow dress

Cute dress! A very casual young & fun dress for parties/fun time with your girlfriends. Crumpled high collar with a bow in front makes a statement!

  • Length : 78cm
  • Brand New
  • Status : Available
  • RM 35

16 June 2011

№ 53A // XistersXclusive Mesh Fringe Tote

Another one of our very own creation! This mesh with fringe sewed across the bag is fashionable yet it makes a STATEMENT to stand out! But the black makes it edgy & chic at the same time. Good for college or even an outing with friends -- you'll definitely keep them talking about this bag here!

  • XistersXclusive (handmade)
  • Status : SOLD
  • RM 35

14 June 2011

№ 52 // Navy Dotted Stars, Fit & Flare dress (SOLD)

Comes with pockets!

Dotted stars detail!

This cute dress (similiar as the previous one in No 51) is just waiting for you to grab it! This free size Cotton material baby fits perfectly and hugging at the bustline, opening from the waist and below. We love the pockets & the dotted star detail!

  • Pre Loved
  • Comes with pockets & smocked bustline
  • RM 30 - SOLD

13 June 2011

№ 51 // Black & White, Fit & Flare dress (SOLD)

Comes with pockets!

Great printed lace details!

Smocked/rubber at the back of the dress right at the bustline!
This means it's easy to wear and gives a good hug at the bust ;)

This lovely easy-fit dress is good for our summer-y weather in Malaysia! It's easy to wear AND easy to match! Go day & night with it and simply because it's good for casual AND formal occasions!

  • Pre-Loved
  • Comes with pockets & smocked bustline
  • RM 28 - SOLD

10 June 2011


We're back with MORE sales!

Topshop Fit & Flare Dress (click here)

Previously : RM 60
Now Selling : RM 54 - SOLD

Cotton On Peachy Pink Bodycon Dress (click here)

Previously : RM 45
Now Selling : RM 39 - SOLD

04 June 2011


Hello It's stock clearance for our 1st batch of items now! Happy shopping with us!
Do enquire us here : XistersBlogShop@gmail.com

1. Black Fringe Bag. (click here )

Previously : RM 55
Now : RM 50

2. Nude Tank Dress ( click here )

Previously : RM 32
Now Selling : RM 28 - it's a steal!

3. Floral Collared Top/Vest ( click here )

Previously : RM 38
Now Selling : RM 32

4. Chiffon Dotted Top - Available in Purple & Black only ( click here )

Previously : RM 35
Now Selling : RM 30 - It's a steal!!

№ 50 // XistersXclusive Tiny Polka Dotted Tote

Double lining, canvas on the inside and cotton on the outside.

  • XistersXclusive (handmade)
  • Comes with inside pockets & double lined fabric
  • Status : SOLD
  • RM 35