28 August 2011

№ 86 // XistersXclusive, YOUR desired Ponchos



Basic Black



Hello all!

YES! It is all customize according to your liking! The above are reviewed by yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com , of many ways you can wear a poncho!
We could not possibly narrow down to few ponchos just to show Xisters buyers our ideas, so we highly recommend all of you to let us know YOUR DESIRED PONCHO cutting, size, and colour! Varies of fabrics, cuts, lengths is entirely up to you!

The above pictures are the most basic ponchos it could be, depending on the way YOU wear it, you can make one simple basic poncho into a chic fashion wear because of it's versatility!

  • XistersXclusive (handmade)
  • RM 42 for all the above, 14 sold! All available.
  • Price may be different depending on your demand.

Email xistersblogshop@gmail.com to let us know your desired poncho design!

*10% discount is not applicable to this post.

25 August 2011

Raya sales!

YES! Sales is back!

10% is applied to every single item on this blogshop (only valid from 25th Aug till 31st Aug 2011).

So be quick & order your items now and send it to xistersblogshop@gmail.com

*Discount will only be applied when payment is made & confirmed by customers within the date of sales*

24 August 2011

Xisters at I love Bazaar!

Hello all! Just a kind reminder that we'll be at I love Bazaar on the 3rd & 4th September (The week after next)

We'll be bringing the most out of Xisters, great deals & some never seen before items too!

Booth #23 on Sat, 3 Sep 2011
Booth #10 on Sun, 4 Sep 2011

See you there!

15 August 2011

№ 85 // Chiffon Spots Tank Top

Comes with front pockets with zipper.

Black with white spots

White with black spots

White with brown spots

First of all, it's the best shaped top to match with any pants/skirts/hishwaister or any bottom at all! Loose fitting & flowy chiffon material. With a little small pocket at the front and delicate zipper, rough heart shaped spots as it's prints. Comes in 3 unique colour of its own. Indeed stylish!

  • Brand New
  • Comes with front pocket with zipper
  • Chiffon Material
  • Status : Black - SOLD
    White - SOLD
    Brown - SOLD
  • RM 36

12 August 2011

№ 84 // Bodycon Highwaisted Skirts



Every girl needs a bodycon highwaisted skirt in their closet! It's easy to match, sexy AND fashionable too!
Wear it with tucked in clothes or even lose top to suit your mood. This bodycon comes with a golden zip at the back to make it easy for wearing!

  • Brand New
  • Comes with zipper at the back, stretchable material

  • Size S - W 26", H 28", L 16.5"
  • Size M - W 28", H 30.5", L 16.5"

  • Status :
  • Size S, Black - SOLD
  • Size M, Black - SOLD
  • Size S, Mustard - SOLD
  • Size M Mustard - SOLD

№ 83 // Black Pleated Chiffon Dress

Hey! What's better than a black pleated chiffon dress? This dress comes with inner lining & smocked waist. Great for a date, easy & breezy too! So why not?
We love the detail on the shoulder to give it a little ooh-lala (:

  • Brand New
  • Comes with inner lining, Smocked waist
  • Status : SOLD
  • RM 40 (seen elsewhere selling RM 55! it's a steal!)

08 August 2011

№ 82 // Plain High Waisted Pants (4colours)



Bright Beige


Smocked waist at the back

Comes with a weaved belt!

Upclose view of the weaved belt.

Xisters brings you THAT high waisted pants that you can comfortably slip it on for any occasion at all! It comes with a free brown weaved belt, smocked waist at the back & pleats in front. Not to mention pockets at both sides too! Definately a MUST HAVE!

  • Brand New
  • Comes with weaved belt & smocked waist.
  • Status : Black - SOLD
    Khaki - SOLD
    Bright Beige - SOLD
    Mustard - SOLD
  • RM 25 (it's a steal!)

№ 81 // Long Square Top (must have!)



Soft Pink


Back to basics! Great smooth material with added shoulder pad is the way to go! Tired of finding the right top to match with your funky bottoms? Here it is! It's sweet/casual/formal/conservative/breezy & really, anything you can think of!
This is definately one of our MUST HAVE item!

  • Brand New
  • Comes with shoulder pads
  • Status :
  • Mustard - SOLD
    White - SOLD
    Soft Pink - SOLD
    Black - SOLD
  • RM 30 (it's a steal!)

04 August 2011

№ 80 // Cheetah Mesh Top

Don't you just love it?!
Mesh top with cheetah prints on it, wear it loose or tuck it in with a highwaister. Works in many ways and easy to match with either plain black or white!

  • Brand New
  • Mesh material, inside top is excluded.
  • Status : Black - SOLD | White - SOLD
  • RM 42