28 August 2011

№ 86 // XistersXclusive, YOUR desired Ponchos



Basic Black



Hello all!

YES! It is all customize according to your liking! The above are reviewed by yourshoppingkaki.blogspot.com , of many ways you can wear a poncho!
We could not possibly narrow down to few ponchos just to show Xisters buyers our ideas, so we highly recommend all of you to let us know YOUR DESIRED PONCHO cutting, size, and colour! Varies of fabrics, cuts, lengths is entirely up to you!

The above pictures are the most basic ponchos it could be, depending on the way YOU wear it, you can make one simple basic poncho into a chic fashion wear because of it's versatility!

  • XistersXclusive (handmade)
  • RM 42 for all the above, 14 sold! All available.
  • Price may be different depending on your demand.

Email xistersblogshop@gmail.com to let us know your desired poncho design!

*10% discount is not applicable to this post.

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