20 May 2011

Especially for Aussie shoppers!

Hello Xisters shoppers!

We've been getting quite a number of request from Aussie but due to the very very very very expensive rate of postage (even higher than the items they demand!), customers refuse to buy.

We're here to bring joy for the shoppers in Australia! Xisters will be going to Australia (for a holiday) from the 20th of June till 30th of June 2011! This way, we can do postage IN Australia by the rate of 10 AUD EVERYWHERE in Australia! But if you're in Melbourne, we might just be able to do COD as well!

So here is what you can do : EMAIL us the item that you like before 20th June 2011 & make payment before then, & we'll be able to bring the items to Aussie just for you!

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